Leadership succession is more important than ever. Rates of unplanned CEO turnover are up, and overall CEO tenure continues to trend downward.

And the job of the CEO is only getting harder. We are asking more of our CEOs as we navigate a world of increasing change and complexity. We are looking for many things in terms of skills, experience, and characteristics. We’re holding CEOs to a higher standard, both personally and professionally.

Given the outsized impact a CEO has on an organization and its success, it’s important to be prepared for any CEO transition so that you have choices and the ability to get the right leadership in place when succession happens, or when you choose it to occur.

Please note that we while we use the term “CEO” these principles apply to all top executive roles e.g., Executive Director, President etc.


Complete this short self-assessment (takes less than five minutes) and receive a confidential report with:

  • Your overall score
  • A snapshot of your current succession planning practices
  • Detailed scoring to help your organization know where to focus
  • Valuable best practice statements to get the conversation started  

Before you get started think about:

  • The last few times your board discussed succession planning
  • When and how often does this happen
  • What the board discussed or decided
  • How management is implementing succession planning 

Complete the self-assessment with only one organization in mind. You are welcomed to take the assessment multiple times if needed.

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